Boosting your immunity with Dietary MAF

MAF = Macrophage Activating Factor

Our Dietary MAF boosts your immunity by activating the immune cells without any side effects and help you stay young and healthy. The MAF Series is made exclusively with natural ingredients and produced in our GMP-certified factory (Certification #26518) in Osaka, Japan.

Made in Japan with a worldwide patent

Anti-aging and longevity

Introducing Saisei Mirai’s revolutionary product, the world’s sole clinically proven solution to extend telomeres by an astonishing 123% in just six months. Saisei Mirai’s products are meticulously crafted to not only enhance appearance and health but also to achieve the aspirational goal of looking 20 years younger and living vibrantly for over a century. While aging is an inherent part of life, our understanding has evolved, and there are now means to effectively decelerate this natural process.

At the forefront of this advancement are macrophages, pivotal players in the realm of anti-aging. These cells are instrumental in bolstering the immune system, effectively purging the body of unhealthy and impaired cells. Their multifaceted role encompasses vital functions such as tissue restoration, rejuvenation, and regeneration. Furthermore, they stand as stalwart defenders against infections and unchecked tumor growth.

Saisei Mirai’s groundbreaking product harnesses the power of science to not only challenge the inevitability of aging but also to champion a life characterized by vitality and resilience.

The roles of macrophage


What are macrophages?

– Stimulate cell activities of the immune system.

– Promote wound healing and skin repair.

– Promote hair regeneration.

– Phagocytose bacteria and destroy virus-infected cells.

– Ingest and destroy microorganisms.

– Degrade and remove dead cells.

6 Effects of Dietary MAF


Protect against infections


Improve skin conditions


Fight fatigue


Slow down aging


Live longer and healthier


Optimize brain activity

New Generation GcMAF – Discover the effects

Proved by numerous clinical trials!
Approved as food/supplement in various countries and patented worldwide.

GcMAF has proved its effects in the medical fields around the world. GcMAF is acknowledged for its function to help the recovery from serious illness such as cancer and autism, and recently found in clinical trials in Ukraine, to have positive effects on patients with Covid-19.

Dietary MAF Series

Dietary MAF (Macrophage Activating Factor) Series boosts immunity by activating the immune cells without any side effects. Stay young and healthy by taking these anti-aging supplements.

Free of

Wheat, soy, egg, rice, gluten, starch, sugar*, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors. *Sugar is contained in M-Lollies

Topical and Oral

MAF is available in both topical and oral supplement forms. The 4 types of MAF products allows MAF to be absorbed from the mouth, intestines and the skin. The MAF Series is made exclusively with natural ingredients.


MAF was developed using our own unique patented method. MAF helps boost the immune system by activating macrophages without any side effects.

Factory in Japan

MAF Series is produced in our Saisei Mirai GMP factory in Moriguchi, Osaka. The factory is certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

Made in Japan with a worldwide patent

Clinical trials using Dietary MAF for hospitalized COVID-19 patients

Science Direct

Adjunctive use of oral MAF is associated with no disease progression or mortality in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 pneumonia: The single-arm COral-MAF1 prospective trial


Lancet SSRN Preprints

The Effect of MAF Capsules and M Capsules on Lymphopenia and Clinical Outcomes in Non-Critical Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients.


US National Library of Medicine, NIH clinical trial

Trial Efficacy of Saisei Pharma Dietary Supplements MAF Capsules, 148 mg and M Capsules, 148 mg in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients (SaiseiCovUKR)



The clinical trial using MAF capsules has started in Kazakhstan for the patients suffering with coronavirus aftereffects in February 2021.



Update on the clinical trial using MAF for hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Ukraine



The clinical trial using MAF capsules has started in Italy from November for hospitalised patients with COVID-19.



The clinical trial using MAF capsules has started in Ukraine from the end of October for hospitalised patients with COVID-19.


Rationales of MAF as a therapeutic target for SARS-CoV-2

The fact that around 96% of patients recover from the infection


Potential role of GcMAF

Potential role of GcMAF in suppressing the severity of COVID-19-induced immune responses: Lesson learned from HIV

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