Our MAF (Macrophage Activating Factor) Series boosts the immunity by activating the immune cells without any side effects. Stay young and healthy by taking these anti-aging supplements.

Made in Japan with a worldwide patent

Free from

Wheat, soy, egg, rice, gluten, starch, sugar*, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors.
*Sugar is contained in M-Lollies

Topical and Oral

MAF is available in both topical and oral supplement forms. The 4 types of MAF products allows MAF to be absorbed from the mouth, intestines and the skin. The MAF Series is made exclusively with natural ingredients.


MAF was developed using our own unique patented method. MAF helps boost the immune system by activating macrophages without any side effects.

Factory in Japan

MAF Series is produced in our Saisei Mirai GMP factory in Moriguchi, Osaka. The factory is certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

Targets everyday wellness; naturally and safely

MAF Series is approved as “Health Food” in Japan and in some European countries.
Saisei Pharma’s immune activating food products are safe and made exclusively from natural ingredients.

Boost your immunity with MAF Series

MAF = Macrophage Activating Factor

Our MAF Series boosts your immunity by activating the immune cells without any side effects and help you stay young and healthy. 

Product comparison







・One capsule of MAF Capsules Triple contains MAF equivalent to 300ng.

・One capsule of MAF Capsules contains MAF equivalent to 100ng.

・One candy of M-Lollies contains MAF equivalent to 100ng.

・One sachet of M-Powder contains MAF equivalent to 100ng.

What is the difference between MAF Capsules Triple and MAF Capsules?

MAF Capsules Triple is our new and improved version of MAF Capsules; it contains 3 times the active ingredient!!

What are macrophages?

Macrophages (Greek: big eaters) are cells originating from monocytes, a type of white blood cell found in our body. Macrophages function in both non-specific defense (innate immunity) as well as help initiate specific defense mechanisms (adaptive immunity) of vertebrate animals.

Their role is to phagocytose (engulf and then digest) cellular debris and pathogens, either as stationary or as mobile cells. They also stimulate lymphocytes and other immune cells to respond to pathogens. They are specialized phagocytic cells that attack foreign substances, infectious microbes and cancer cells through destruction and ingestion.

The Roles of Macrophages?

  • ・Stimulate the cell activities of the immune system.
  • ・Promote wound healing and skin repair.
  • ・Promote hair regeneration
  • ・Phagocytose bacteria and destroy virus-infected cells.
  • ・Ingest and destroy microorganisms.
  • ・Degrade and remove dead cells.

Made in Japan with a worldwide patent

The MAF Series is made exclusively with natural ingredients and produced in our GMP certified factory (Certification #26518) in Osaka, Japan,  developed by Saisei Mirai Group.

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